How to Register

Registering with Us

To fully prepare for your programme, you will need to ensure you register online before the course is due to commence.

You will receive an invitation email to register by our Student Records office, providing you with all the relevant information you need to register before the course start date. The earliest you can register is 6 weeks before the course start date. Student Records Office will not contact you prior to that. If your application process is still incomplete prior to 6 weeks period you will receive the invitation email 2-3 days after you have accepted the unconditional offer. 

The link below provides detailed information on the online registration process. As a student of Executive Education you will only need to follow steps 1-4.  Step 5 involves collecting your ID card.  We will do it on your behalf and will give your card during your first few days.

Step to step guide to Online Registration

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