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Guidance for Returning Students

General Guidance

Most of the post-experience programmes run by the School of Business and Economics have been developed to allow students the opportunity to progress through the various stages from Certificate through to Masters level.  Students who successfully complete each stage may carry forward the credits they have obtained to the next level of the programme which culminates in an MSc by dissertation.   

The University’s regulations specify a maximum timeframe for students to complete the various awards i.e. Certificate (3 years); Diploma (5 years) and Masters (8 years).  These timeframes apply from the date a student first registers with the University.  

Please note that if you elect to progress to the next stage of the programme having already graduated you will be required to surrender your graduation certificate and academic transcript.  The certificate and transcript will be destroyed and your details will be removed from the master copy of the graduation programme.  

Your record will be amended to remove details of the lower qualification permanently and be re-instated with the higher qualification aim.  A new certificate will be issued to you on completion of the next stage of the programme. 

If you later wish to withdraw from the higher qualification aim and revert to the original (lower) award, you will need to be reconsidered at the next Programme Board.  This will provide a proper audit trail of your academic career at the University and will ensure that any modular credit achieved since the transfer can be properly considered within the University Regulations.  Your final transcript will detail all modular credit gained.

It is important to note that if you elect to progress to the next phase of your programme and do not successfully complete your studies all the modules you have attempted, including those failed, will appear on your academic record.  This may have implications for your academic transcript and your final degree mark.

Who can I contact for advice?

If you are interested in re-registering with Loughborough University with the intention of progressing to the next stage of your programme, please make sure that you discuss your intentions with your Programme Director and/or Programme Administrator so that you can be given the appropriate advice. 

Contact Us

The Programme Administrator will also be able to provide you with information about fees.

Fees and Funding

How do I re-register and upgrade to a higher qualification aim?

As a graduated student you don’t need to fill in the university online application form again, instead you need to complete the Application for a PGT Degree Upgrade Approval.  

You will need to ensure that you return your graduation certificate and your academic transcript with your form. 

You will also have to fill in an online Financial Statement Form. (Link to ‘Fees and Funding’ on Student Portal).

Submitting the Form

Completed forms (with your graduation certificate and academic transcript if appropriate) should be submitted to:

Executive Education Student Support
Executive Education Centre
School of Business and Economics
Loughborough University
LE11 3TU

Alternatively, you may submit the form electronically to exec-studentrecords@lboro.ac.uk.  If you choose to submit your form electronically please ensure that the form contains your signature i.e. that the signed form is scanned and attached to your e-mail.  If scanning your form isn’t possible we will accept an unsigned form provided you send it to us via your Loughborough University student e-mail account.  Please note that you still need to send us your original certificate and transcript by mail.

Approvals Process

You will be contacted by e-mail on receipt of your form and asked to confirm that you understand the implications of upgrading your qualification.  On receipt of your confirmation your application will be considered within the School and you will be notified of the decision in writing.  The Student Records and Examinations Office will amend your student record accordingly.

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